“This Guy”?

Lileks today posts a tweet:

And says where he knows “this guy” from:

An actor who was in Succession, but I remembered him from an ep of Miami Vice. He played a CIA agent named “Surf.” It’s the one in which (spoiler) he turns out to be a Russian agent, and has Castillo trapped. Of course Castillo pulls out a sword and assumes a pose that’s supposed to make us think “Oh of course Castillo is a Samurai dude, he has skills,” and the actor says “when you go, you go all the way.” Why do I remember that?

Lileks does not name the guy, but, c’mon, man, that’s Sledge Hammer. Apparently, actor David Rasche was in other things, but I haven’t seen them.

Come to think of it, I have only watched the first season of the complete Sledge Hammer! set I bought in 2004 (anticipated here and acquisition acknowledged here). I watched the first season again with my boys when they were younger (probably already a decade ago). When I finish up the current DVD set of a television show that I acquired a long time ago, perhaps I should dig it out. In addition to boxes of movies and documentaries of dubious quality, I have many box sets of complete (or almost complete) or random single seasons of television series to watch. Someday. Maybe.

But David Rasche. Say his name. Although if you’re like me and have only seen it in print (in my case, the Sledge Hammer! credits), you might mispronounce it.

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