Sometimes, The Music Just Reappears

I have mentioned before, gentle reader, that sometimes a song pops into my head and stays there for a while for some undiscernable reason decades after I heard the song (such as “Hearts” by Marty Balin).

So, yesterday, I found myself doo-da-doo-dooing the theme from the Spiderman and His Amazing Friends cartoon while handling the laundry (most of my musical interludes of this nature involve the laundry. This I have heard within the decade: I used to show the intro to my boys on YouTube when they were young, and I recorded episodes of it for them to watch, what, twelve years ago? Not that recently.

This morning, when transferring the laundry, I started singing, “I wish I had a girl who walked like that….” Which was a song by Henry Lee Summers that came out when I was in high school, and I probably have not heard it but once or twice since then:

Being a young man, I understood the longing for someone, although I did not generally approach strangers on the street. Watching that video now kind of makes one cringe, although Western civilization has sort of bred out that sort of behaviour and has taken to importing men with worse predilections.

I guess I just have a slow-motion random playlist in my head for folding laundry or something, and it’s a broader variety than the variety radio stations have these days–I heard two Michael Jackson songs from Bad on two different radio stations whilst running an errand this morning, for cryin’ out loud.

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