The 2024 Winter Reading Challenge: Complete

Well, gentle reader, in a little over a month, I read 14 books and listened to 1 to complete the 2024 Winter Reading Challenge:

I read:

Gentle reader, that counts only as 13 books in my annual total–Unqualified is an audiobook and does not count, and neither does Much Ado About Nothing. But considering that I finished one book on January 2 before starting the Winter Reading Challenge, I read one book not counted in the Winter Reading Challenge before completing it, and have finished another book or two since, and I am in good shape for my annual reading already. And it’s leap year, so I have an extra day to run up my annual total.

It certainly seems like that was a long month, but I attribute that both to the dietary restrictions (doing the Whole 30 Diet with my beautiful wife) and the late great employment uncertainty. But I read a lot, so that’s something.

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