My Undocumented Purchase

You might think, gentle reader, that I document all my raging consumerism and materialism here just because I often mention books, videos, records, and other music I buy. Ah, gentle reader, but I do not tell you everything I buy! I mean, I might, if you cheap rascals would have ever clicked the Amazon links when I had them. But you did not, and Amazon disassociated me because apparently keeping my links active was too much of a hassle for them. So updating 20 years of book reports was all for naught.

Where was I? Oh, yes, I was about to tell you about something else I bought.

When I went to Hobby Lobby at the beginning of November (when I bought the Santa which my beautiful wife now claims to have seen without mentioning it), I also bought some calligraphy supplies. A calligraphy kit which came with a cartridge-based stylus with different nibs and a calligraphy book and some calligraphy markers.

Because I remember calligraphy units in art classes in middle school, and I was not completely bad at them.

So I thought that I might try again. I have them at the desk in the parlor, currently overwhelmed with Christmas records, and I have sat down a couple of times to work on trying to write the alphabet. Unfortunately, the calligraphy book that came with the kit only had one calligraphy-looking alphabet/font. Most of them were in block print, and the book has text in several languages taking up some of its bulk.

I mention it because I ran across an article, St. Louis calligrapher can personalize everything from holiday ornaments to perfume bottles, about a woman who has a business doing calligraphy and engraving, including “event” gigs where she goes to a party and does on-demand calligraphy and engraving.

Not something for me as I’m nowhere nearly consistent nor steady enough for professional work. But cool.

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