Good Book Hunting, ABC Books, Saturday, June 17, 2023

After finishing a morning of CPR training and certification, I headed north to ABC Books for a book signing conveniently scheduled for 1-3pm which gave me a chance to gorge on sushi and Chinese food beforehand. Which set the countdown timer to naptime, as I have conditioned myself to have a siesta shortly after lunch most days.

I bought four of the author’s books and the sole volume in the martial arts section (which the proprietrix said made her think of me when she priced it and put it on the shelf).

The titles are:

  • Into the Night and When the Cowbird Sings which are short story collections that the author described as The Twilight Zone meets O. Henry. I felt rather clever since I no longer confuse O. Henry with Saki.
  • Bank Notes Revisited which details the crime spree and imprisonment of the Boonie Hat bank robber, whom the author met in prison and married.
  • Inside the Death Fences, which details the author’s experience acting as a whistleblower on corruption in prisons.

I also got How To Beat Up Anybody: An Instructional and Inspirational Karate Book by Judah Friedlander. It appears to be wide ranging; I think when I flipped it open, I fell upon a recipe. Also, it has a lot of pictures in it which do not look to be related to martial arts strikes. So it’s probably more of a memoir than a how-to guide.

It sounds like Ms. E. has a number of book signings lined up through the fall and into winter, so I’d better start budgeting for the binges.

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