“Do You Ever Sit Out Here With Your Coffee In The Morning?” he asked.

My brother and his fiancĂ© came over from Poplar Bluff this weekend, and he asked me this question as he stood on my back deck looking at the pasture and the stable in the distance (half of Whitaker’s Folly is again on the market, this time for $725,000 for essentially a really nice stable and no house–it will again be years, likely, until it sells).

Do I sit on the deck and watch the orange light turn to white in the mornings? No.

I’ve been working from home for 18 of the last 19 years, gentle reader, so I don’t really have a morning routine that includes getting ready for work and which might entail the actions before crossing the first threshold of the daily hero’s journey. I get out of bed, I go to the bathroom, I drink the cold cup of coffee I make the night before, I start another cup, and I am at work.

I mean, my morning routine has sometimes included actually making breakfast, getting boys ready for school, or taking the boys to school. The mornings have been busy, not the time to savor the coming day like some actor in a coffee commercial

Not an actor in a coffee commercial, but similar

In my defense, I do sit out on my deck or patio at times at the close of day or as night falls (although not so much this year as mosquitos are terrible this year–I feel like I’m back in Wisconsin or in the North Woods of Michigan this spring and early summer).

But probably not often enough.

I later texted my brother after he’d returned home and asked if he sat on his deck in the mornings.

Sometimes, he replied.

Perhaps that’s the best we can hope for.

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