Wherein Brian J. Is Synced Up With The Ace Of Spades HQ Sunday Morning Book Thread (And Will Be Aligned With Today’s Post For Some Time)

From the Ace of Spades HQ Sunday Morning Book Thread today:

My family had a set of Durant’s Story of Civilization series, and that was my secret weapon through high school history. I read the whole series a couple of times, and some volumes again and again. Great stuff.
It does show its age, though. Not just in the sense of being at odds with current intellectual fashions — that’s a feature, not a flaw — but (especially regarding the earlier periods) new discoveries have changed our understanding of what actually happened.

It’s still worth reading, and I don’t know of a better introduction to the history of Western Civilization.

Posted by: Trimegistus at April 30, 2023 09:43 AM (QZxDR)

I might have mentioned, gentle reader, that I have begun to read this set, and it is likely to take me through the year and beyond. So I guess you won’t have 100 book reports to suffer through this year. But I’m making up for the content with the movie reports.

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