You Want Conspiracy Theories? I Got Conspiracy Theories!

This thought occurred to me the other morning when I was trying to not wake up at 4:00 in the morning.

Borepatch, amongst others asks:

For the life of me, I can’t see what compelling interest the USA has in war with Russia. I can see what the US Military Industrial Complex has with a war like that. And as they say, “War is the health of the State”.

But I don’t see what’s in it for us.

You mean, what is in it for the United State in burning off war materiel by shipping it to Europe? By leaving, what, $7,000,000,000 worth of stuff abandoned in Afghanistan?

I’ve seen people speculate it’s the military industry looking for profits. Meh, I don’t think the military industrial complex has been hurting for money. But you know cui bono from diminished stocks in the United States?

General is right that US, China headed to war over Taiwan by 2025: congressman

Paranoid thoughts in the middle of the night? Or history in the making? Time will tell.

Also, as a disclaimer, I don’t think war is inevitable, nor do I think it is impossible. History is full of currents, trends, and proclivities that are only manifest in events, and then we can argue about why they occurred. So it’s never clear what is to come, and it’s only marginally clearer what just happened.

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