Don’t Know Much About Running

You don’t really have to know much about anything when writing on the Internet, do you? Please, do not immediately hold your humble blogger out even though the case might be true.

At any rate, apparently, a site I have not visited in many years, tried to dunk on the screenwriters of a film I’d never seen.

They compare the speed of a (albeit short) distance runner, 15 miles an hour, to someone who presumably was sprinting.

Why not compare the woman in the movie with a sprinter, say Usain Bolt, whose top sprinting speed was just under 24 miles per hour, not far under the 25 miles per hour. An unproven figure, by the way, but something the “scientists” probably used computer models to generate.

Ah, well. I am not really an expert at anything, certainly not running–where my distance speed is closer to 6 miles per hour, but my sprint is significantly faster that in very short bursts.

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