Now When I See Women’s Hands

My beautiful wife just had a professional social media campaign for her consultancy. Well, I think it was interns, as it was run through a local university, but they did a couple of video shoots and photo shoots and wrote and posted a number of things on her company’s social media pages over the course of the last couple of weeks.

So I’ve been seeing lovely professional photos of my wife scattered throughout the days. Most of them are photos of her in various locations and poses, generally with a laptop, tablet, or pad of paper at a desk or coffee shop table or whatnot.

But some of the photos are just of her hands at or near a keyboard.

So I’ve become accustomed to thinking that any set of a woman’s hands on my social media feed is a picture of my wife’s hands.

Which is odd, because they are not. And I recently had to pause because I did not recognize the pattern of the blouse in the picture, and it turns out, the photo was not of my wife’s hands.

Here, let’s see if you can figure out which picture I’m talking about:

Can you guess which one is not my wife?

Would it help you if I told you that my wife does not drink sparkling water?

No, of course not. The photo in the upper right is my wife, but the photographers have given her a bottle of Perrier sparkling water as a prop. She did not drink it.

She also does not drink coffee. So the picture in the lower left is the one of someone else.

I guess looking for her watch would also be a giveaway.

So, at any rate, I guess the lesson for me is that my wife is not actually the center of the Internet.

Also, probably, welcome, future fetish image searchers!

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