News I Missed Over the Holidays

Richard Marcinko, first commanding officer of SEAL Team 6, dies at 81

Fortunately, the National Review missed it, too, and only got to it in this week’s issue.

No, scratch that: Their This Week feature that appeared this week, the January 24 issue, apparently originally appeared on the Internet on January 6.

It should maybe be called Three Weeks Ago.

This generally wouldn’t bother me, as I tend to read the magazine months later. This week was an aberration, as I needed a magazine to read whilst waiting in the son’s school car line yesterday, and I grabbed it from the top of the stack.

And, yes, I did resubscribe. They did drop the subscription rate from $60 a year to $10, and I’ll get that much value out of it from the book reviews and columns at the end. The regular Kevin Williamson “Those Republicans in the interior states are stupid/crazy” features? Not so much.

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2 thoughts on “News I Missed Over the Holidays

  1. Williamson is becoming tiresome. He seems to have misunderstood the lesson of Cliff Claven — people aren’t annoyed because you’re wrong about everything, but because you comment about everything.

  2. Yeah, this month’s screed is about how the Republicans in Pennsylvania are going to nominate and elect the wrong kind of Republican.

    You know, I just kind of skim and “Mm hmm” the longer, hard-hitting political analysis pieces which fall and scatter like autumn leaves through the passage of time and instead read the magazine for the columns in the back and the book, television, movie, and theatre reviews.

    And, I guess, the obituaries at the end of the Three Weeks Ago

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