When Bill Gates Comes To Town

The realtor who helped us find Nogglestead advertises realty listings in Ozarks Farm and Neighbor right next to his stockyards ad. Most of the time, he has a bunch of listings with a couple of SOLD or UNDER CONTRACT stamps on them to show that he’s a realtor who can get properties sold.

This last issue, though, shows a very high success rate indeed.

What does this mean? Bill "Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why?" Gates has come to town?

Or that land continues to be a hedge against possible economic calamity to come?

Also note that Tom still has listings for two lots in the new subdivision going in down the road across from the little church that used to be in the middle of nowhere. Other pastures just south of here are up for sale for subdivisions. Twelve years after he helped us find Nogglestead, suddenly we live in the suburbs. I mean, yesterday morning, I saw the local family of deer crossing my back yard, and they’re up to eleven, which means the predators are staying away and the deer have lots of tasty landscaping to eat nearby.

I feel a bit like Natty Bumpo here. I sometimes fantasize about moving further out into the country. Maybe out to Freistatt or Peirce City.

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