A Radical Idea

Check your couch cushions: One Chick-fil-A offers free food voucher if you exchange coins:

If you have at least $10 in spare change, a Chick-fil-A in Virginia will offer you free food for them.

Amid the nation’s coronavirus-caused coin shortage, franchise owners in the city of Lynchburg are running a special on Wednesday. The chicken restaurant is offering a free entree voucher to customers who exchange $10 of rolled coins for $10 in paper cash.

You know, if you exchange money for a food voucher, the food is not free.

Clearly, they are not teaching free-market economics to journalists these days.

2 thoughts on “A Radical Idea

  1. Is our blog writers even reading what they quote?

    Apparently not.

    But I got the snarky remark out there REALLY FAST, just like a real journalist, except I’m not on Twitter.

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