Somebody Wasn’t Listening

On Facebook, I posted this:

Because back before the turn of the century, the end of the year airwaves really were full of PSAs warning people not to go outside and fire their guns into the air at midnight. In spite of this, we would hear gunfire when we were in town. Okay, we were in town on New Years Eve exactly once when we spent the night at my aunt’s house and my mother and aunt went out and my brother and I stayed in and watched New Year’s Rocking Eve.

However, nobody shared my Facebook post, which resulted in:

4 homicides in first 3 hours of 2020 in St. Louis:

St. Louis police say four people were shot to death in the early hours of the first day of 2020, including three killed at one location.

UPDATE: Since I posted this article, the headline and story have changed to up the score from four to five.

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