The Source Of That Thing Dad Always Says

So, sometimes, I’ll use a type of speech that I’ll just call an Elaborated Pronoun.

You know, that as a pronoun generally relates to something visible or is otherwise fresh in mind; I want that.

However, I have been known to elaborate that by adding an antecedent bad oscar.

It came out when I was talking about fixing something for one of my boys, and I referred to the it as that bad oscar.

The Urban Dictionary says bad Oscar is slang for a hot dog or cheap sandwich. That’s not where I got it, though.

Back when I was at the university, one of my closest friends lived with his mother, who was a woman kept by a fellow who had a son of his own (kind of like a very abbreviated Brady Bunch). My friend considered the young man, who as sixteen or seventeen at the time, to be his half-brother, so he hung around with us from time to time; he was even the designated driver on my 21st birthday, when we went to a bowling alley and I had a glass of Miller and a sloe gin and Seven before the moonlight bowling.

For some reason, this kid used that phrase to refer to things that were not sandwiches of any sort.

Twenty-seven years later, and I still say it from time to time. And that “kid” is over forty somewhere now. No word on whether he continues to use it.

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