Good Book Hunting, May 11 and 19 2019: ABC Books

Last Saturday, I had to run to ABC Books to get gift cards for the thank-yous that my boys reluctantly and almost illegibly write for their teachers and coaches. I bought 17 gift cards and smuggled a couple of purchases among them. As I have pretty much picked over the Martial Arts section, I moved into the Football section beside them and got a couple of Packers books to read when the hockey season is over.

This past Saturday (which for purposes of this post is not “last” Saturday), I went back because an author was in the house signing her books, and I like to support local authors.

At any rate, I got these:

They include:

  • The Physics of Love by Carla Kirchner, a chapbook by a local author.
  • I Remember Lombardi by Mike Towle.
  • Life After Favre by Phil Hanrahan, which is timely because some of us are thinking about life after Favre’s successor.
  • High Fidelity by Nick Hornby because suddenly everybody’s talking about mixed tapes as a 90s phenomenon, which I attribute to the film version of this book.
  • Yoga’s Devotional Light, Four Gates to Health: Eastern Ideas and Techniques for Vital Living, and Divine Fruit: Ecstatic Verse by Julian Lynn.

I joked on Saturday that I didn’t need any gift cards today because I had one left. However, on Sunday, I gave that one away.

Oh, curse the luck! I’ll have to go back to ABC Books again soon.