Good Book Hunting, Thursday, July 19, 2018: Hooked on Books

I had the usual time to kill between youth activities last night, and I know where all the Hooked on Books dollar book carts are, so I picked up a couple books.

I spent six bucks and got:

Unfortunately, that only took twenty minutes, which meant we could go by Nameless City comics and games or the Ozark Treasures antique mall. I opted for the latter, as I expected I would spend less money there and could ostensibly look for Christmas gifts. As it stands, I spent two dollars on myself (I got an issue of Ideals magazine, “Liberty”, from 1984 and an LP, Eydie Gorme’ On Stage. And I did ostensibly get a Christmas gift for a cousin. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Total spent: eight dollars plus tax on myself, six dollars on the cousin, and probably that much on regularly priced books at Hooked on Books for my children. Not bad.

The real question is, which of these books will I read first (aside from Hundred Dollar Baby)? Probably the cartoons. How many will I have read by this time in 2020? Probably the cartoons.

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4 thoughts on “Good Book Hunting, Thursday, July 19, 2018: Hooked on Books

  1. Also, that is an insightful post into the April Kyle story line.

    Parker did do a lot of revisiting of other stories, but generally, if the people weren’t Spenser or Spenser like but a different protected class, they got short shift.

  2. Thanks! “Ceremony” was the first Spenser I’d ever read and it hooked me — even his stuff that I don’t much care for is better than so much else of what’s out there, but the disappointment when he would phone it in was just brutal.

    “Yesterdays” wasn’t a phone-in, but it just didn’t work for me. It happened when he was still trying more often than not, though.

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