There’s Gotta Be A Word

I’m working hard to coin a phrase here to cover the concept of the news meme, which is what you get on Twitter. It’s not news, it’s memes disguised as news.

Mewmews? Mewmes? I got nothing.

5 thoughts on “There’s Gotta Be A Word

  1. I’m using it in the traditional sense, where it’s an idea passed around. However, the news bits you get on social media are more like the Internet meme, which is a bit of tweeness and pre-packaged and unreflective bits of ‘knowledge’ whose relationship with reality are often distant.

  2. Sadly, we could probably come up with many different words for subtle variations in it. Just as the Eskimos have forty words for snow (probably not a true fact) and the Germans have forty words of forty letters each for pretty much any concept, we would need an odd-number of words. Then we would make a list post for it.

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