Undoubtedly, They Will Be As Gripping As Ben Bova’s Precipice

Haven finally succeeded in its primary mission in making other societies feel good about themselves, NASA can turn to its secondary objectives: producing pro-NASA propoganda:

In William Forstchen’s new science fiction novel, “Pillar to the Sky,” there are no evil cyborgs, alien invasions or time travel calamities. The threat to humanity is far more pedestrian: tightfisted bureaucrats who have slashed NASA’s budget.

The novel is the first in a new series of “NASA-Inspired Works of Fiction,” which grew out of a collaboration between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and science fiction publisher Tor. The partnership pairs up novelists with NASA scientists and engineers, who help writers develop scientifically plausible story lines and spot-check manuscripts for technical errors.

Yay for tax-payer funded bureaucratic thrillers whose protagonists are pencil-pushers and rent-seekers. They’ll undoubtedly be as gripping as Ben Bova’s novel Precipice.

Anyone remember when NASA put people in space or on other worlds? I am too young to actually remember.

What’s the over-under on whether these novels will have non-binary gender?

UPDATE: Thanks for the link, Mr. Hill.

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