I’ve Seen Direct to Cable Movies That Start Like That

So we visited a church garage sale at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton church in Springfield on Saturday. It was bag day, and that’s like catnip to me. I rub my cheeks and roll on the junk you can buy, especially late in the day on bag day.

No, this isn’t a Good Book Hunting post, as I only bought three books (X-Men, the novelization of the film; A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf; An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 by Jim Murphy; and The Worldly Philosophers by Robert L. Heilbroner)–and who wants to see a photograph of just four books?

Instead, I bought a bunch of things for craft work to add to the backlog of other craft things accumulating since I’ve moved away from doing anything at my workbench but have yet to alter my acquisition of things to do at my workbench. I also bought a stack of videocassettes to join the hundreds of other films that I’ve not watched since buying them at garage sales and book fairs.

But that’s neither here nor there. I did make one purchase that sounds like it could be the plot of a cheap slasher film.

I picked up this CD because its title and text were complete in German:

Kveldssanger album cover

I expected either heavy metal or some heavy gospel of some sort (given I bought it at a church garage sale.

When I got home, I cracked it open, and I saw:

Kveldssanger CD book interior

Well, then I hoped it was not gospel of a dark and disturbing sort.

Given the font on the cover, I was just going to trust iTunes’s music database to fill that all in, so I popped it in to import, and iTunes could not find it on the Internet.

You see how this could be the beginning of a cheap horror franchise of which I would be only a small part? A Daemonic CD from a twisted Catholic church that unleashes unearthly forces when played or on the Internet when imported into iTunes?

So I looked more closely and did an Internet search, and the album is Kveldssanger by Ulver, a Norwegian black metal band who changed it up with this, their second album. It sounds folky and, instead of metal screaming vocals, some neo-chanting.

Which really doesn’t detract from the whole strange dark CD invokes dark forces motif.

Note that I bought this CD on the week where I posted this. Life has a way of connecting dots for us. Well, all right, our minds do, or at least mine tends to move in strange directions that seem to be patternic.

And, if you’re wondering, it’s the first of the two CDs I bought this weekend. The second? The Best of Barry White. Which goes to again prove I am eclectic.

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1 thought on “I’ve Seen Direct to Cable Movies That Start Like That

  1. It may *look* like German, but brother, *it ain’t German*!

    If it were, it would have much more obtuse social commentary.

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