Wherein a Simple Mistake Shows The True Source of Brian J.’s “Classical” Education

So my wife and I are discussing female cat names the other night. It’s easy for me to come up with literary male cat names; all of history and literature is rife with them. But female cat names are a different story. I don’t know many female literary names with the same zing of male protagonists. I mean, who wants a cat named Warshawski?

So in a moment of inspiration, I turned to Norse and Celtic mythology. Brigit, I offer (leading to the inevitable discussion of how you pronounce Brigit). Boadicea, I say, undoubtedly pronouncing it wrong without any ensuing discussion. Lady Sif, I offer.

However: I characterize her as the Marvel Comics rendition, not the actual Norse rendition.

Which betrays the fact that I have not read a single edda in my life. Saga, either.

I really do try to punch above my intellectual weight, though, and I’ve got a pretty good façade going. Do you see the ç there? BECAUSE OUTWARD DEMONSTRATION OF LITERARY HIPSTERISM!

Strangely, though, although I’ve thought of it before, I did not bring the name Morgaine into the discussion.

Not because of the Mallory. Because of the literary Rosenbergism.

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