Shades of Chekhov’s Gun

So I borrowed the new Spenser book, the first written by Ace Atkins, from the library.

Page one, Spenser is eating a donut:

Page 1

Page twenty-three, powdered donut crumbs:

Page 23

That there’s the kind of tactile experience you don’t get from a Kindle. Or a book you buy yourself, for that matter.

(Chekhov’s gun explained.)

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5 thoughts on “Shades of Chekhov’s Gun

  1. I hope they do better than following up the textual donuts with crumbs. They weren’t that satisfying.

  2. Oh, and an anecdote that you’ll probably appreciate:

    I found the crumbs when I sat down in the library to look at the book while my children played a bit on the library computers. I showed the crumbs to my beautiful wife, and I closed the book on them. She said, “And you’re just going to leave them there?”

    “The alternative is to dump the crumbs on the floor of the library,” I said.

    Besides, I wanted the picture, so I took the crumbs home, took the photo, and then brushed them into the garbage can.

    Without attracting vermin to the stacks.

    You’re welcome.

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