Brian J. Recycles

What to do with that old laptop you’ve got lying around? Well, if you’re me, you….

Laptop mirror

… take a screwdriver, empty the guts out of it, cut down a garage sale mirror down to size, glue the mirror to the bezel, drill a couple holes, run some picture hanging wire in it, reassemble, and hang.

UPDATE: Welcome, again, Instapundit readers. You can see more of my handicrafts amid the book reports about craft books here. If you’re in IT, you might like my blog QA Hates You. Don’t forget my novel John Donnelly’s Gold, about which Professor Reynolds said, “IN THE MAIL:”, is available for 99 cents on Kindle and in paperback.

5 thoughts on “Brian J. Recycles

  1. My wife still uses that very same laptop…I guess it’s a bit past time to upgrade…

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