Words Harry Turtledove Taught Me (I)


1. (of letters) capital.
2. large, as either capital or uncial letters.
3. written in such letters ( opposed to minuscule).

4. a majuscule letter.

Personally, I am on a quest to introduce this word into the common slang as an adjective meaning superlative or spectacular.

The St. Louis Blues were majuscular in their game against the Sharks.

(From Agent of Byzantium.)

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1 thought on “Words Harry Turtledove Taught Me (I)

  1. It will be a majuscular contribution to the popular lexicon.

    The entry in the Oxford English Dictionary mentions the use of this term in this poem about wine:

    Come then—in the beverage bold
    Let’s renew us and grow muscular;
    And for those who’re getting old,
    Glasses get of size majuscular:

    I’ve read all of Turtledove’s alternate histories, but never got hooked into his other fiction. Turtledove isn’t the best alternate history writer, but he produces good quality in quantity with regularity.

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