Modern Book Publishers Hate Freeloading Library Patrons

Well, probably not, but what other conclusion can I draw from this?

A James Patterson book.  But which one?

I get this whenever I run into the library to look for the new Sandford titles. Because the name is on the top, the catalog labels go over the titles:

A John Sandford book.  But which one?

So I’ve got to pull every last book out to find that the new title isn’t in yet, or I can’t tell the books apart based on title since they’re franchise titles with essentially meaningless words preceding the word Prey

This isn’t because the publishers hate us freeloaders. It’s because when your author becomes a franchise, it’s what people are looking for in the bookstore. Fans will buy it regardless of title. But when the authors are unknowns, you have to hope an interesting title hooks them in and makes them pick up the book.

No publisher has hung the franchise tag on me

No publisher has hanged the franchise tag on me. Yet.

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