Step One in Protecting My Hoard of Treasure: Complete!

I’ve completed the first part of my plan to use a golem who asks a riddle to protect my teeming piles of gold coins that sometimes sweat little tinkling individual coins of gold that tumble down for no apparent reason. I have the riddle. Check it out:

What type of man works in two kinds of labs?


Now, I’m not sure which step I should try to tackle next: crafting an unholy facsimile of a man or somehow gathering Himalayan-sized mounds of Andean treasures. Frankly, both sound a little harder than coming up with a riddle. Maybe I’ll click over to Facebook instead.

2 thoughts on “Step One in Protecting My Hoard of Treasure: Complete!

  1. A veterinarian.

    Now, I’m rich!

    Oh, wait. I guess you have to amass your treasure first.

  2. Dammit.

    Well, it works on five-year-olds. Maybe I should put it on the puppet by the cookie jar.

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