Book Report: Red Hammer Down by Jack Hild (1985)

Book coverI read this book as a break in more serious books. It is the sixth book in the series, so it’s the one right after Gulag War, which was the first of the series that I read in 2009. It deals with the aftermath of that book: After a successful mission to Siberia that embarrassed the Soviets, the SOBs scatter and hide out, only to find Spetsnaz kill teams on their trail. The SOBs discover that a fallen team member isn’t dead and is bait for a Russian trap on Majorca. But if you’re trying to trap the SOBs, you might find that the metal clamps shut around you.

The book is 218 pages, and about 120 of those pages are the climactic battle on Majorca. The preceding 90 are also action-packed and move along very rapidly indeed. There’s less exposition and setup even than the Executioner novels. Although, ultimately, this means they’re not as deep nor character-rich, but as an ensemble cast of sometimes expendable characters, you should expect some of that.

I’m surprised that the SOBs didn’t get some sort of movie treatment in the 1980s, frankly, and I look forward to stumbling across more of these books in the future.

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