Free Books

As you know, I buy my books in bulk at book fairs and often end up with duplicates. A recent cleanup of my bookshelves has yielded the following:

Free books

They include:

Shoot me an email or comment if you want any or all of them. First come, first served.

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4 thoughts on “Free Books

  1. Ah, just got into the Foundation series (I read Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and the beginning of Second Foundation). I see a lot of conflicting advice about which books are worth reading outside the Trilogy, and a good deal of agreement about reading the Robot series and such before Foundation (oops). Thoughts?

  2. It’s been ten years since I’ve read any of the Foundation books, by which I mean the first trilogy or so, and probably 25 years since I read the Robots series. The reason one might be advised to take the Robots before the Foundation is because the Robots series is more like mysteries in space, so there’s a smoother transition from other genres. Of course, anything Asimov is a smoother transition compared to a lot of modern engineer-approved Science Fiction.

    I haven’t read the Foundation and Earth volume yet; I actually buy so many books so often that I buy dupes before I get to reading them.

    So do you need one or both of the Asimovs?

    Also, commenter Gimlet, if he’s around, can talk about Asimov a bit. Gimlet?

  3. The Honey Badger!?! The video was amusing, but I didn’t really expect them to make a book out of it.

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