Good Book Hunting: November 1, 2011

On Tuesday night, we had a little time without the children, so my beautiful wife and I ducked into Hooked on Books.

I bought a couple books:

Some books from Hooked on Books

I got:

  • The Handle, one of Richard Stark’s Parker novels. You might know him as Porter, as he was renamed in the Mel Gibson film Payback.
  • A Dilbert book.
  • A collection called Unsolved Mysteries which looks to be just a shade paranormal but might provide me with some ideas.
  • Cat-a-Lyst. One: It’s an Alan Dean Foster book. Two: It’s got a cat on the front cover.
  • The Trap by Mrs. Stephen King, published under her married name and not her maiden name. I have a couple by her and one by Stephen King, Jr., so I hope I like them.
  • One of the Odd Thomas graphic novels. I don’t remember explicitly saying I wouldn’t buy one, and I have.

You can tell the nature of my shopping excursion: the book racks in the front with the $1 books, the small alcove in the back with the $1 books (and penned graffiti), and then the classics/literature section where I bought nothing but where it was next to the comics.

I haven’t even read all the books I bought at the book fairs this year yet and I’m hitting the used book stores for fun. What is wrong with me? Is the fact that I like to look at bookshelf tumblr sites also a symptom?

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