Springfield Would Characterize Itself Differently

A recent link on the StLToday.com Web site, the Internet home of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, recently placed some Springfield news in the “St. Louis” news section with the tag “METRO”. That is, Springfield is part of the St. Louis metropolitan area:

St. Louis wishes.

As much as the largest metropolitan area and its declining city center might like to think that the rest of the state is just an extension of itself (and a touch for taxpayer-funded public/private partnerships), the rest of us are looking for the opt-out link.

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1 thought on “Springfield Would Characterize Itself Differently

  1. Perhaps not as nefarious as you would think. From the story:

    “Police in Springfield, Mo., were seeking a motive in the killing there on Thursday of a man waiting to board a bus for St. Louis.”

    Sure, it didn’t happen in the St. Louis metropolitan area, but there is certainly a local angle there.

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