Five Things On My Desk Right Now

An unsorted list that describes, really, why I need to clean off my desk:

  • One green binder containing hundreds of rejection letters for my writing efforts over the last 20 years.
  • One silver butter tray, tarnished.
  • One 36 Caliber Navy Model pistol, an expensive Italian import, I think.
  • One Blip the Digital Game awaiting cleaning and mounting on the wall.
  • One cute little 6″ by 6″ decoration depicting a kitten painted on what looks like window blinds and adorned by a little pink bow not awaiting mounting on my wall.

These things were deposited by me onto this desk months ago because I need to take a couple minutes to clean them or whatnot. Instead of doing that, I’ve posted on my blog, and soon enough a blizzard of paper to file and act upon will cover them again until the springtime.

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