Good Book Hunting: May 21, 2011

The review copies of John Donnelly’s Gold have arrived:

That's a lot of John Donnelly's Gold

To adjust the quote from Thoreau, I have now a library of nearly six thousand volumes, over seventy of which I wrote myself.

I’m sending these out in bunches to people who I think might be influencers and to book reviewers across the country, hoping to get some traction or notice.

Wish me luck.

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6 thoughts on “Good Book Hunting: May 21, 2011

  1. Unfortunately, this is not the same as saying, “I couldn’t put it down!”

    After the resume, did you clean your house top to bottom?

  2. I plead the Fifth.

    Daryl looked over the other computers at the librarians behind the counter. He’d chosen the machine with its monitor facing the library stacks to mask what he doing from inquisitive eyes.

    Or, as we call it in the business, the “porn computer”.

    Quick anecdote: sometime in the mid 90s I visited the main library of The Ohio State University (they get prickly if you don’t include the “The”), which had at the time very labyrinthine stacks. Seriously — you could get lost in them. There were a few signs around the darker recesses marked “No Masturbating”.

  3. That said, are you enjoying it so far?

    I assume you’ve picked it up again since you’re past the first chapter now.

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