I Suffer From SMLS

I have recently discovered that I suffer from Sudden Music Liking Syndrome.

This struck me today, as I heard the second song by The Who on the radio in two days (“Teenage Wasteland” today, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” yesterday) and decided, hey, maybe I ought to get an album by these guys.

I mean, for forty years almost, The Who has been part of the background soundscape. I’ve been listening to “classic rock” since it was called album-oriented rock and pretty much thought “meh” about The Who until sometime yesterday. I mean, these guys are so old they played during the Super Bowl halftime show in the 21st century, hey?

So where does the sudden “I like that” come from if not some psychological disorder that will be covered in DSM-VI?

Frankly, I lie awake in my own sweat that another outbreak will drive me to like Led Zeppelin.

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