2010: The Year In Reading

Well, I made it to 100 books this year, helped immensely by a collection of art books and craft books.

Here’s the list:

A Beader’s Reference Jane Davis
Hunting Down Amanda Andrew Klavan
A Heinlein Trio Robert Heinlein
Designing Jewelry with Glass Beads Stephanie Sersich
Adam-12: The Runaway Chris Stratton
Adam-12: Dead on Arrival Chris Stratton
Blood for a Dirty Dollar Joe Millard
Wilson’s Creek William Garrett Piston & Richard W. Hatcher III
Make Necklaces Jo Moody
Jumpers Tom Stoppard
The Frankenstein Factory Edward D. Hoch
Assignment Golden Girl Edward S. Aarons
Street Fighter Todd Strasser
The Crime Encyclopedia Marie J. MacNee
Kipling: A Selection of His Stories and Poems Volume 1 edited by John Beecroft
Skin Tight Carl Hiaasen
Captains Courageous Rudyard Kipling
Play It Again Sam Stephen Humphrey Bogart
The Magic of Scrub Holler Lanny Gibson
100 People Who Are Screwing Up America Bernard Goldberg
Arizona Ambush Don Pendleton
The Joy of Junk Cheryl Fall
Winnowing Out Our Souls Jane Hoogestraat
The Illustrated Man Ray Bradbury
Tennessee Smash Don Pendleton
Trash to Treasure 8 Leisure Arts, Inc.
The Art of Woodburning Betty Auth
Clemmie John D. MacDonald
Two Hour Crafts Landauer Books
Viets Guide to Sex,Travel, & Anything Else That Will Sell This Book Elaine Viets
Brother Odd Dean Koontz
Craftivity edited by Tsia Carson
Trash to Treasure 2 Leisure Arts, Inc.
Another Antigone A.R. Gurney, Jr.
Tabletop Fountains Dawn Cusick
Historic Midwest Houses John Drury
Up For Grabs/Top of the Heap Erle Stanley Gardner
Step-by-Step Pyrography Bob Neill
Creative Tabletop Fountains Marthe Le Van
Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition Sue Whitney with Kimberly Melamed
Murder, She Wrote: Dying to Retire Jessica Fletcher with Donald Bain
100 Crafts Under $10 Better Homes and Gardens
Wicked Prey John Sandford
The Salvage Sisters’ Guide to Finding Style in the Street and Inspiration in the Attic Kathleen Hackett and Mary Ann Young
Great Presidential Wit Bob Dole
City Clifford B. Simak
Rules of Prey John Sandford
Cosbyology Bill Cosby
Getting Even with the Answering Machine John Carfi and Cliff Carle
Currier and Ives’ America edited by Colin Simkin
Detroit Perrin Souvenir Company
Alberto Vargas: Works from the Max Vargas Collection Reid Stewart Austin
Dick Tracy: The Secret Files Edited by Max Allan Collins and Martin H. Greenberg
Kilobyte Couture Brittany Forks
Creative Juice Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza
It Happened In Lemay William F. Alden
The Bug Ellen Ullman
Frederic Remington Peter Hassrick
Odd Hours Dean Koontz
Degas Phoebe Pool
The Impressionists Denis Thomas
Rough Country John Sandford
Napkin Decoupage Deborah Morbin and Tracy Boomer
The New Roadside America Mike Wilkins, Ken Smith, and Doug Kirby
Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars Volume I Greg Cox
Everything Crafts Easy Projects edited by Courtney Nolan
Three-dimensional Decoupage Hilda Stokes
Friday’s Feast Don Pendleton
Fatherhood Bill Cosby
You Look Nice Today Stanley Bing
Trash to Treasure 6 Leisure Arts
Borrowed Ideas and Famous Firsts: St. Louis Architecture Marilynne Bradley and Ahme Quist
Hand Shadows To Be Thrown On The Wall Henry Bursill
Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World Jack Weatherford
Satan’s Sabbath Don Pendleton
Rustic Reminders of the Past Leo Hamblet
Motherhood, the Second Oldest Profession Erma Bombeck
Double Crossfire Don Pendleton
A History of the Rural Schools of Greene County, MO David L. Burton
The Libyan Contract Don Smith
Second Opinions of Hippocrates’ Oaf James T. Brown, MD
Copp for Hire Don Pendleton
Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth edited by Paul Harvey, Jr.
Copp on Fire Don Pendleton
Missouri Trivia Ernie Couch
Fantastic Four The Universal Guide
Color Treasury of Firearms Crescent Books
Growing Up in the Ozarks John E. Hult
The Past Through Tomorrow Robert Heinlein
Mary Ellen’s Best of Helpful Hints Mary Ellen
Cambodia Clash Mack Bolan

I didn’t read too much of real consequence this year; just a couple of Rudyard Kipling books. Also, in my defense in the run up to 100, one of the Kipling books was a collection with multiple books in it, and one of the Heinlein books I read this year was a collection of three shorter novels. Still, I count the number of books read.

I also didn’t add in my own novel, which I’ve read once through in manuscript form and a half way in bound galley form. Watch for that next year, werd.

If you’re interested in learning what I thought about each book on the list, check out the Book Reports category and keep scrolling.

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2 thoughts on “2010: The Year In Reading

  1. This list is a fascinating assortment covering so many different topics and styles of writing.

    I think that I’ve read about 20 books this year. Every now and then I get it into my head to read some heavy lit, but it’s been a while. Maybe some Nabokov would be good eating.

    Keep up the work on JDG. I plan to read it when it comes out.

  2. The list is a little light on the heavy lit this year; I read a bunch of Kipling, but that’s about it. Actually, I’m partly through the second volume of the Kipling collection, but since I’m not finished with it, it doesn’t show on this list. I’ve also started a volume of Epictetus’s work. But this year saw a lot of pulp. Also, I took a lot of evenings in the middle of the year to watch films, so I limited my reading time.

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