Time for a Christmas Rerun

Actually, it’s a Christmas redirect.  Here’s a link to a short story entitled “Die Hard MDCXCII: Die Really, Really, REALLY Hard” that I originally posted 6 years ago, which is approximately 49 in Internet years.

The story is from 1990 and represents some obvious wish fulfillment. But the guys at the grocery store where I worked and that is depicted therein thought it was a hoot. Hopefully, you’ll be slightly amused in places, too.

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2 thoughts on “Time for a Christmas Rerun

  1. It’s not actually breaking the fourth wall unless the character addresses the audience, and I don’t think Ryan does that. I’m a little unserious with the narration, though.

    Speaking of which, I have this piece which plays with the Breaking the Fourth Wall convention that I oughter post for you.

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