Proper Disney Thinking

As some of you know, I’m trying to get an orchard growing here at Nogglestead. This year, I planted 3 apple trees, a pear tree, and when they got really cheap, 2 peach trees. Of course, I know this is a very deer heavy area, as the trees in the front are all buck rubbed and the trees in the back tend to get bark removed.

So I bought some fencing to put around the trees, and I procrastinated until such time as the apple trees were pretty chewed. Let’s face it, there’s more tar on those sticks now than on my driveway.

So I posted on Facebook, because I fancy myself a funny guy:

Brian J. Noggle would like to remind the fruit-eating deer in the neighborhood that they might survive gun season, but it’s always baseball bat season in Noggle’s orchard.

Haw, haw.

Except a slight acquaintance, a friend of the family from 20 years back, responded:

No animal does not need to die becuase there are hungry..You need to think twice before anything else.

I expect he’s just asking me not to club any fawns for the fun of it, but deep down, there’s some right Disney thinking in that.

I’ve planted an orchard because I’d like to have food in a couple years. I have a right to the fruits of my labor, which means no one and nothing else has the rights to that, okay?

The idea that deer–wild animals–have some claim to my orchard rankles me quite a bit. Any assertion to that effect is based on Disney, probably made by a city person who get his or her food magically at the supermarket, and doesn’t have to deal with nature trying to prevent a man from growing it in the first place (much less harvesting a living beast for food).

Gah. Just gah.

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2 thoughts on “Proper Disney Thinking

  1. If you ask the deer, I think they’d prefer them with a white wine.

    I gave them a couple shots with the hose over the year, but the idea is to build an orchard that can sustain itself to some extent with the rainfall we get here in Missouri.

    I want fire-and-forget sorts of plantings. BUT THE DEER WON’T LET ME FORGET!

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