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Hey, I know I read Survival Blog sometimes, but I think AP is jumping the gun a little with this (spotted on the home page of the Springfield News-Leader:

My world ca 2014, maybe

There are two kinds of people: Those who know what TEOTWAWKI means and those with storage space for a couple more boxes of mementos from their childhood and unused wedding presents.

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2 thoughts on “Not Yet

  1. I read SurvivalBlog about once every couple of weeks. It’s a fascinating look into a, uh, unique worldview.

    I don’t have remotely enough money necessary to prepare myself for TEOTWAWKI situations.

  2. You do what you can.

    I don’t expect TEOTWAWKI to be quite what they make it in the films and novels, but then again I don’t live in New Orleans or some other city where it will be bad on purpose.

    Of course, even then, New Orleans was worse after Katrina in the films than it was in real life.

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