Writing in the Winterlands

Tam encounters northern atmosphere:

When it’s sunny, I feel the urge to live deliberately, like Thoreau, but with dachshunds instead of ants. When the clouds and drizzle come, I instead feel the urge to write about shoggoths shambling about in pet semetaries.

Strangely, my most productive writing period meshes with the time I spent amongst my hearty northern clan, before I moved amongst the luxurious and decadent southern tribes and became soft.

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3 thoughts on “Writing in the Winterlands

  1. My best writing has come after ruminating on a subject for a few months. Then I sit down and write it in usually one day.

    But I don’t write fiction, so maybe the process is different for you creative folks.

  2. My most productive period coincided with the university, so I was spending a lot of time working on fiction and whatnot when I should have been studying.

  3. I’ve managed to turn university time into productive writing time by making papers serve as article-writing opportunities. I’ve already turned one old grad school paper into a magazine article and I’ve better than even odds of getting another one in a peer-reviewed journal of literary criticism. *Fingers crossed*

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