Book Report: Kilobyte Couture by Brittany Forks (2009)

I thought this book would have a lot of ideas on building geek jewelry and crafts and whatnot. Well, no. It has, essentially, one: Use resistors and capacitors as beads!

Pretty much, that’s it. We get different designs with different colors of capacitors and resistors, but that’s the big idea, and it’s replicated over dozens of projects within the book. The author talks about different parts of electronic gizmos in the introduction, but then recommends only using new resistors and capacitors ordered from Radio Shack.

The single idea is a good one, but it’s not enough in my opinion for a full book. The story of the author’s success with the idea is neat, but the book fills out with a too-cute explanation of geek culture and identification of geek things with top ten lists designed to fill the white space in the book. That being said, one of the top ten geek blogs is linked in my sidebar (Neatorama. So kudos, John and co., although I suspect that John is one of the co. and I don’t know whose name to put in front of it.

Worth a trip to the library if you want to see the one good idea in action, but I really have given away the ending.

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