I’m Stimulated

I just bought a new washing machine, and as part of the list of monies they remove from the price of the machine was a recycling rebate. Hey, cool, I thought, $75 dollars. That’s almost as much as the extended rebate they offer, which I took since my last washing machine failed in multiple ways within the five year window of the rebate.

Then I saw the top of the form:

The mark of the stimulus beast
Click for full size

Do you see it? The mark of the stimulus beast:

The mark of the stimulus beast explained

As a small government conservative, my first inclination is to tear the rebate form up and write a blog post about it.

On second thought, though, I think I’ll stick it to The Man and take the money and donate it to Ed Martin, candidate for House of Representatives in my old district (MO-3) so he can defeat Russ Carnahan, and Roy Blunt, candidate for Senate so he can defeat Robin Carnahan (yes, the Democrats are brother and sister and the children of former Missouri governor Mel Carnahan who was elected to the US Senate while dead and whose wife and mother of the aforementioned Democratic candidates served in Mel’s place).

The fact that my stimulus money might increase incumbent unemployment by one (Robin will keep her day job ghostwriting ballot initiatives) will give me a warm feeling inside.

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