Book Report: 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America by Bernard Goldberg (2005)

Okay, now I feel kinda dumb. Not only did I slog through a contemporary political screed book, but when I sat down to review it, I find I’ve already read it and reviewed it in 2006. I didn’t remember it. That should be an indicator of what I thought of it this time and, apparently, what I thought of it then, too.

A simple book to write, it’s a list blog post stretched into a couple hundred pages. It does call out some liberal influences that you might not be aware of (and which you’ll forget soon after reading, as I apparently did), but Goldberg is a little abrasive and name-calling even while attacking certain liberals for being abrasive and name-callers.

A difference in reading it today versus 2006: Three of the hundred are now dead. Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson died from the very lifestyle excesses for which Goldberg pillories them. It seems gauche now to read someone speaking ill of them. The third is Teddy Kennedy, and Goldberg focuses on his political career, so it’s less unseemly to read harsh words about him.

I doubt the book will get any better with age, but these sorts of books aren’t supposed to have any longevity. On the plus side, I will remember now that I have read it. Twice.

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