Book Report: Designing Jewelry with Glass Beads by Stephanie Sersich (2008)

It took me quite some time to get through this book, as you can well tell. Its projects are very elaborate and detailed, with lots of shapes and textures working together. I’ll be honest: I don’t have an eye for these sorts of designs, so I wasn’t too engaged with it. That said, if you’re into that look, this book has a lot of ideas for you.

The projects include a number with stringwork, a multi-strand necklace, numerous earrings, and one using a fabric cord. The other features in the book include some good insights into design, including the use of textures and balance, as well as sidebars on lampwork beading and artist profiles.

I’d better find more books on stitches and woven patterns, since I think that’s my balliwick these days. Maybe I’ll come back to this book in the future, when I’m more advanced.

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