Bryan Burwell’s Litmus Test for NFL Ownership

To own an NFL team, you should think like he does:

    I know how those words play out in Idiot America. They are embraced as gospel. But inside the locker rooms of the NFL, where the overwhelming majority of the players are descendants of slaves, Limbaugh’s ignorant ramblings resonate with entirely different emotions.

    His money might be green, but his words are colored with hate and intolerance.

Got that? According to Bryan Burwell, if you listen to Rush Limbaugh, you are an idiot-American. But it’s Rush Limbaugh whose intemperate words are colored with hate and intolerance.

Perhaps Burwell’s career in sportswriting has left him incapable of addressing Rush Limbaugh’s views instead of dumping on Rush Limbaugh as though he were a slumping left fielder. Or maybe he never had that intellectual acumen to begin with. However, make no mistake, trying to bar someone from a profession or from acquiring property based upon his views is not the American way.

Not the old American way, anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Bryan Burwell’s Litmus Test for NFL Ownership

  1. I don't suppose Burwell has any references for his quotes. Out of idle curiosity, I tried googling and found a lot of copy-and-paste outrage, but couldn't find any place with the transcript.

    Secretly, I'm sure Burwell and his fellow writers at the Post are drooling at the prospect of getting to moan and groan about Limbaugh 24/7. Just think! All the national media would quote them, link to their stories, etc.

    In any case, I think St. Louisans of any color are far more in danger from drunken Rams players on the road than from any potential owner who used to pimp Snapple.

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