When You Outlaw Guns, Hoodlums Use Pint Glasses

Britain proves again that ad absurdum defense of gun rights is valid:

    British government plans to curb alcohol-fuelled violence by introducing plastic beer glasses in pubs are unlikely to be popular, the pub industry warned on Monday.

    The Home Office (Interior Ministry) has commissioned a new design for plastic containers in an attempt to stop glasses being used as weapons, reports said.

    The plan is in response to official figures showing that 5 500 people are attacked with glasses and bottles every year in England and Wales.

You see, you cannot prevent violent people from violent acts by outlawing objects. You just limit the liberty of the law-abiding. Outlaw guns, the violent use knives and swords. Outlaw knives and swords, the violent use bottles and beer mugs. Outlaw bottles and beer mugs, what’s next? Mandatory manicures and compulsory participation in the British NHS dental system? Wait….

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