Government Health Care, Heart and Head Style

President Obama, speaking on the dystopia he would inflict upon Americans:

“There is a moral imperative to healthcare,” Obama said. “Having said that, if we don’t address costs, I don’t care how heartfelt our efforts are, we will not get this done. … We’ve got to balance our heart and head as we move this process forward.”

Well, here’s how they balance the costs in Britain (formerly Great Britain, but now not so much):

A seriously ill baby has died just hours after a judge ruled doctor’s should turn off his life support machine against his parents’ wishes.

Here’s what the judge says about your right to life:

But yesterday, judge Mrs Justice Parker ruled the boy did not have the right to life ‘in all circumstances’.

The circumstance that abrogate that right to live: it’s to expensive to the government, the health care provider.

It would be easy for me to make a pithy response that using the heart and the head in government health care means some department head determines when your heart stops, but let’s be honest. Most of these decisions won’t be made by department heads or courts; instead, it will be some 24 year old with a social work degree killing off the expensive through bureaucratic process.