Cognitive Dissonance: It Gets Some Voters Through The Day

Bookworm recounts a conversation with a liberal friend, who has a mantra when confronted with the liberal leaders’ plans as stated in the liberal leader’s own words:

    No, he’s not.

    No, they’re not.

    That’s just not true.

It’s sort of like this DJ friend I have, also a liberal coincidentally, who doesn’t know a lot about the lyrical content of the songs he plays. He only knows to play something up tempo and something slow for the people to dance. So he’s caught by surprise when the bride writes on his little information sheet, “Don’t play ‘Soldier Boy'” and he asks the groom, “Is that don’t play ‘Soldier Boy’ or should I play it?” and the groom says, “Play it,” and then the bride rushes off and the bride and groom withhold payment. You know, those words mean things.

I wonder how many voters of either stripe don’t actually listen to the words, but like the hip beats that the parties spin. I’d like to think that the subrational party does it more, but I imagine there are the subrational in our party, too.

But when a Congressman says he’s going to take 401(k) money for the slush fund, you’d better believe he means it. If a leader of a country threatens radioactive fire upon a democratic nation that happens to be mostly Jewish in population, you’d better hear more than the tone of the voice.

(Plus, free taunt: For someone who calls the blog “Bookworm Room”, I have to say, “You have some books? How cute!” Which reminds me, I need to get an update to the Noggle Library to account for the 3 or more new bookshelves.)

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