Whither the Political Blogging, Noggle?

I know, some of you readers might be disappointed that I’m not daily dishing out snark about the election or mocking the mockery of a candidate thrown up by the Democrats for the position. However, let’s just say I’m feeling a little sanguine about the prospects for the future. So sanguine, I’m italicizing it even though it’s not a foreign word.

How sanguine? This describes my mood:

Listen to the words, children. Do not be confused by the pretty Starman like story. Remember Robert Hays for his excellent work in Airplane!.

If you want me, I’ll be in the back yard, burying copies of the Federalist Papers, Milton Friedman books, printed copies of Ace’s and Porch Girl’s blogs, and Sean Hannity’s Deliver Us From Evil, the last unwrapped and acting as fertilizer for my upcoming Wealth Spread Garden.

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