Would They Call Regular Fraud "Fundraising Efforts"?

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s Washington “editor” weighs in on ACORN’s fraud problems by calling them something else: GOP attacking ACORN’s voter registration efforts:

Trailing badly in new-voter registration, Republicans are waging an aggressive campaign in Missouri and around the country against a group that claims to have added 1.3 million people to voter rolls since last year.

Let’s play a new game: whenever the Post-Dispatch identifies something as fraud, let’s see how they would spin it if it involved/indicted the Democratic Party.

Like this: GOP attacks Nevadan’s fundraising efforts

Or this: Republicans assail investor efforts.

I guess I am just naive; I didn’t think that Republicans were upset with voter registration efforts. I thought they were upset that ACORN people were systemically and nationally caught making things up out of whole cloth:

I guess that explains why I didn’t go into journalism; I don’t want to “help” people see the “truth” through my creative writing and pretending it was something other than a fictional narrative.

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2 thoughts on “Would They Call Regular Fraud "Fundraising Efforts"?

  1. Democracy’s great, until someone with a different viewpoint gets elected. Then it must be subverted at all costs.

  2. Well, you cannot have just anyone voting. And you cannot just have anyone ruling the people. It takes special people, self-selected cream-of-the-crop sorts.

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