Helping Deb With The Christmas Shopping

Deb of Boondoggled recently became a grandmother, which means this will be her first Christmas picking out gifts for a grandchild. As she lacks experience at this, we at MfBJN thought we’d share a little advice.

Anything on this list would be perfect.

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Helping Deb With The Christmas Shopping

  1. Aside from being traumatized that I am now known as a grandmother, that list is hysterical. Anything from this list would go very well with our baby’s already purchased, Inappropriate Baby Book (it has entries for things like “The First Time I Peed on Someone” (that would be me actually and my daughter gleefully recorded the moment for posterity), etc.


  2. You were already known as a, erm, mature woman. Might as well distract people with the grandmother thing.

  3. Gee Brian.. what a pal you are. You’ve crushed an old woman’s heart.

    *whimper* *quiet sobs* *hobbling away*

    Now where did I put those prunes? Get off my lawn you damn kids!

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