Brat Favor

Brian’s favored resolutions to the 2008 Brett Favre Crisis:

  • Trade him to New Orleans for Mike McKenzie.
  • Trade him to Atlanta for a couple of Michael Vick’s rescued dogs. They’ll be more loyal and less fickle.
  • Send him to a CFL team, an outdoor one if there’s one available, and let him play in the cold all the time.

Ever since he didn’t file his retirement papers, I thought he wanted a trade. How quickly can I turn on a favorite player? Less quickly than he can turn on his fans. You can go somewhere else, Favre, but you won’t be the Brett Favre you were in Green Bay. You’ll be a rented journeyman quarterback.

Excuse me while I go order my Kampman jersey.

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1 thought on “Brat Favor

  1. To Atlanta!!??

    The local NFL fans have been delightfully downcast since the whole Michael Vick dogfighting scandal erupted, allowing those of us who hold the Falcons in slightly more contempt than the entrie rest of professional sports, to find other people around us on whom to wish a slow, agonizing death.

    Sending us Brett Favre would only cause those others to once again suffer unnecessary neglect.

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